Individual & Company Training

The ND DEC has provided thousands of hours of formal training programs and mentoring.

Over the last several years, the ND District Export Council (DEC) has provided the North Dakota business and banking communities with thousands of hours of formal training programs and individual mentoring. The goal of the DEC is to pass along the extensive experience of the DEC Board Members who are individually selected by the US Secretary of Commerce based on their expertise in international business. 

Past formal training programs have included banking and payment training, shipping and paperwork, legal issues and partner selection along with many other important topics.

Working hand-in-hand with the US Commercial Service. The DEC works closely with the US Commercial Service and their Export Assistance Centers located throughout the United States (our's is in Fargo) and commercial officers located overseas at US embassies and consulates. Together DEC and the Commercial Service can cover the broad spectrum of issues that exporters face. 

The ND DEC has been a leader in the national DEC organization with breakthrough programs, functions and general business support. The DEC has also been a leader in outreach to the general public, media and government entities explaining the many benefits of increasing global exports from North Dakota companies.

The ND DEC won national recognition several years ago by initiating the semi-annual Global Business Conference and founding the North Dakota Trade Office, the unique private-public partnership. The NDTO is backed by export service providers including banks, shipping companies and logistics providers, North Dakota private businesses who export, and the state of North Dakota. Together with DEC and the US Commercial Service, the NDTO offers outstanding support to the North Dakota business community to help grow the state's economy.


  • Working with the ND DEC provided my company with expertise and advice that was invaluable in growing our company. Who knew it could be this easy! Thank you to the DEC!

    ND Businessperson
  • The ND DEC worked with the State of North Dakota to create an outstanding private-public partnership when they created the ND Trade Office. Today the Trade Office works with the DEC and the US Commercial Service's Export Assistance Center in Fargo to further North Dakota's best interests in driving the economy forward with global business growth.

    ND Government Official